The “First-time” Situations

Enedina Villarreal is a middle school English teacher, teaching ESL students. She is also a volleyball, basketball, and softball coach at the middle school and high school levels. She has her Bachelor’s in English and her Master’s in Sociology. Writing has always been a passion of hers, and she continues to write about the thing she experiences.

Entering the college life is a whole other world; most especially if you’re the typical college kid who moved away from home. There’s no one looking after you or watching your every move. Therefore, all your decisions and actions are up to one person…
At this point in your life, you’ll discover many “first time” situations. As the saying goes, there indeed is a first time for everything. Those defining moments are the juice to your college experiences. If it’s one thing we all need help with, it is self-control, and at this chapter in your life, self-control will either be frequently exercised, or never apparent.
These “first-time” situations will occur at all levels of the spectrum. Maybe you’re going far away from home for the first-time. Perhaps you’ll experience your first love, or for that matter, your first heart-break. Did you have curfew back at home? Well, for the first-time, you won’t have a curfew. There will be that first-time when you want to blow off a class, especially an 8:00am class, simply because can. With that mentioned, there just may be a first-time in failing or dropping a class. Maybe you’ll have a job for the very-first-time.
For the first time, you’re going to live with strangers It’s a unique experience living with roommate, and you’ll encounter first-time situations living with them. Maybe you’ll get along….maybe you won’t. On the other hand, some of you may be living by yourself for the first time in your own dorm. It could be a peaceful experience, or for some, lonely.
Managing your money and bills couldn’t be more of a grown up thing to do. For the first time, some of you will be in control of that. You will be buying your own groceries, feeding yourself, calling the cable guy, the air unit guy, all for, perhaps, the first time. As unfortunate it may be, some may find what the word “debt” truly means.
There’s nothing more nostalgic than childhood friends. They have made you who you are. Some individuals are privileged enough to go to college with their childhood/high school friends, while some others, are not. For the first time, they will be separated from their companions, and socially forced to make new ones. These “new” ones will come from your dorm, apartment, classes, a job, or maybe a fraternity/sorority that you’ll join for the first time.
How will you handle these first time’s? It’s a guarantee that mistakes will be made, but with that said, it’s a guarantee that you’ll learn things that you didn’t know before. These first time experiences are a part of your growing nature. It’s a life that you hadn’t experienced before. From my years of experience, each and every moment has made me the proud woman I am today. I wouldn’t trade any of those first timers for anything. Without those times, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I’m in a fine place.

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