The Freedom of Fashion

My name is Dorshelle Guillaume and I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I love to design clothes, draw, sketch and sew. My interest is in Fashion Design and I have an eye for fashion and style. I love to listen to music, sing, blog and shop. My aspiration is to become a bridal designer and own my own boutique and fashion label.

Have you ever been stressed out, angry or upset and needed something to calm your mind? I’m pretty sure everyone has their own personal way with dealing with the everyday stressors in life; however, mine happens to be fashion. Fashion has always been an outlet for me to express myself and relax my mind. Whether it’s flipping through magazine pages, looking at blogs or designing my own garments, I always feel a sense of freedom when I’m surrounded by fashion.
To me, fashion is a way of life; it’s the way your carry yourself, represent yourself and communicate with others without even having to speak. The more I get exposed to fashion the more things I find out about myself. For example, when I get inspired by something, I begin to translate that inspiration into ideas and from those ideas I envision the clothing I wish to make and the woman I want to become. It expands my mind and allows me to come up with concepts I never knew existed.
Fashion is like another dimension in this world, it’s a universe that can be entered by many different angles and interpreted in so many different ways. It’s a universal language that I believe everyone can speak; however, just like slang some people understand some aspects of fashion that others can’t; and that’s the beauty of it, that’s what makes it so interesting.
I wish to continue to inspire others through fashion. Whether it’s by the way that I dress, the clothes that I create, the blog posts I write or the way I speak about it. I hope fashion can touch others like it touches me. I believe there is so much to learn about fashion and through fashion. When you’re truly focused on the silhouette of a garment and the way that it flows to the way that it is constructed and what inspiration it took to come up with it; you’ll be able to be inspired and find depth within fashion itself. Just like anything else in life, you need to put effort into it, and soon after it will become effortless and apart of your daily life. In order to get something out of fashion you must be willing to contribute to it first.
To me fashion is the air that I breathe and it’s the love of my life. Whenever I’m down or have nothing to do, I know fashion will always be there to inspire me and pick me back up. It keeps me anxious for tomorrow & future days to come. It’s forever changing but it’s always there, never escaping my mind or this planet. For me, I enjoy living a life of passion but there’s no better feeling than the freedom of fashion.

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