The High Fashion Dream

Ashley C. Tarpley is a Packaging Designer and Branding consultant with experience in multiple industries. She has taken her prior experience in retail and her devotion to fashion and makeup, to develop one’s fashion and beauty identity in an economical way. With the use of various social media platforms and business relationships, she is able to share her knowledge with the public. You can reach her at:

There are three steps to the “High Fashion Dream”. Step one the fashion battle; this is the moment where you hate everything you own and don’t know how to solve it. Step two the designer decision; where you find what you like and do either that exact look or as close as possible. And finally the statement; this moment is imperative to the fashion lover and helps confirm the right choices were made. Developing your own style can be challenging. It is not always simple the “look” or feel that you want to create. Not to mention financially the level of commitment for “High – End” is a tall order. But thankfully companies out there are willing to let you get the look with fashion savvy styles and low price points. Regardless fashion lines will become blurry. Understanding these three steps will help you never doubt your style again.
The fashion battle is real. It is this scary moment where you wake up to get ready for the day, look into your closet and don’t recognize anything you own. My personal style has not been the same over the years. In fact just the other day I decided to let go my wardrobe and start introducing things I love! When you pay your own way through college like I have, fashion is not on your mind. So after 6 years of schooling and a couple years of the retail hustle my clothing choices varied drastically. What happens next you ask? Well, shopping… not just any shopping but impulse shopping. I don’t know about you, but it’s the worst kind out there. Running out into the madness for things I don’t love or need is why I call this a battle. It is temporary satisfaction for a very high price. In the moment you love it, but not even a week later you realize you wasted however much money on something that was not worth it. However the cure is the next step of this mission.
The designer decision is where you will begin to know “your” style. Today you don’t have to walk around the mall for hours deciding what your style is. Now social media allows you to create a fantasy world. For example, Pinterest, which is a “dream board” concept site where you can organize everything you love in a few easy steps called “pinning” or “pins”. Here is where I realized what I really love. Without even noticing I was “pinning” things that were very much alike or looked great together in my dream closet. Occasionally I would look back at old pins and be shocked that I, till this day, I still like what I collected. Here patterns were discovered and I noticed that certain colors, brands and styles were very dominant. So now when I shop I take a look at my account and decide what I will be looking for next aka the designer decision. This allows you to recognize an impulse buy versus something that will complement your new style goals. After you have given up old pieces for some new ones the third part of this mission will complete everything.
The statement, which is that “ah-ha” moment where you but people around can not ignore your new look. However, it is important to know that the most important voice is you, but the occasional complement doesn’t hurt either. To know that you have done right by yourself in the fashion world is of course noticing your confidence levels. If there is no denying within yourself that you love everything about the fashion choices you’ve made, then embrace it and add to it. Keep in mind this sounds a lot easier than it really is. Not everyone will want to accept they’re true style. I was afraid to try on some of the styles I pinned and was always skeptical that my curvy body would not complement the final look. But once you find that confidence-boosting outfit, there will be no stopping you from creating a wardrobe that you can appreciate.

While Pinterest is one main example of how I have organized my style, a myriad of other helpful places and apps do exist to help refine your fashion desires. These three steps are the first of many to having your true style shine. Additionally these steps can influence potential makeup and hair looks. So do not be afraid to take it one step at a time to start making smarter, more fashionable choices for your future. Your interview and date night will be very thankful you took the time to find the real you inside and out. But most importantly have fun and don’t be scared of a great bargain!

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