Acting headshot tips

As an actor, it’s imperative to have a great headshot. For those who are just starting in this business, you may be wondering what a headshot it. A headshot is an up close photograph of your face. You usually hand in your headshot when you audition for roles. This allows casting directors and whoever else is working on the casting team to have a look at your physical features and this can help them determine whether you fit a character in whatever production you are auditioning for. So why is a headshot important? Sometimes your headshot is the only thing a casting director will see initially. You may have the best personality or acting chops but at the moment your chances of getting the role will be based on your photo.
Now that you know how important it is, you should consider spending some time and getting professional photos taken. This doesn’t mean you need to spend an absorbent amount of money. There are some photographers who are also looking to build their portfolio and will work with you at a lower rate. Take your time and research before you decide any photographer will do.
Before you meet up with your photographer, take the time to research some photos to get an idea of what an ideal headshot looks like. Remember your headshot is not supposed to be a glamour shot, rather it’s supposed to represent and look like you, not a done-up version of you. You don’t want to hand in a photo and have a casting director look confused because you don’t look like your photo. If you wish to have some different shots, then spend some time taking your commercial and theatrical photos. These pictures will show you in a certain element. Your headshot, however, should just focus on your face.
Other important factors for your headshot are what you’re wearing and your pose. Make sure to wear a solid color, many actors wear black shirts when taking their headshots. Why? Loud prints or bright colors can take distract from your face and that’s not what you want. The pose you choose can help enhance your headshot as well. Find a pose that allows you to express a bit of your personality. Remember don’t go too crazy, but you want your photo to have that “it” factor that will make you stand out from the rest.

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