Outside the classroom

Hello all, my name is Marcus Goldman and I graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. I am originally from New York City and am currently working and living in upstate New York leading outdoor leadership retreats for students and staff.
I spent almost five years in Indiana getting my degree, which includes my student teaching placement, but the number one thing that I would describe doing there that whole time is not what classes I took or the academics of college, but rather activities I did outside of class which shaped who I am and helped me grow and mature through college.
I took advantage of everything I could do at college to gain as much experience as I could and take advantage of everything that college and Indiana University had to offer. Starting from freshman year until I graduated I joined a fraternity where I became President, played on the club Ultimate Frisbee team as well as playing in local town leagues too, volunteered as a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of South Central Indiana, volunteered through my own accord abroad for a summer, worked as an intern with local businesses, raced for a bike team for the Little 500, and all of my pre-service teaching experiences. With all of these experiences under my belt, and many more, I gained skills I couldn’t learn in the classroom.
I think the most important skills I learned outside the classroom was making connections with new people and being outgoing. All of these skills learned helped me grow up. And when I realized before my student teaching that I did not want to become a teacher, these experiences shaped me and my future career. At first, it was hard to transfer to a different field as the only callbacks I was getting was for teaching positions, but by using my extracurricular from college instead of my academics as my main focus of my resume, I quickly began entering new fields. From teaching I thought at first I wanted to be in business, but after two internships in business I quickly realized I wanted to stay with non-profits and needed to be helping people in some way. I jumped from one part-time job to another (as it is hard to find a full-time job in non-profits if you are familiar) and even bar tending on the side until I found my current career where I have been almost eleven months now. My job now is about making connections with people and building on those connections to pass on life experience and life skills. I would not have gained this job if not for all the activities I participated in during college.
I believe that college is not about the actual academics of it, but growing up. So take advantage of everything you can at college because before you know it you won’t have time for anything in the end as you try and catch up on lost time and gain as much experience as you can in your final year. Do everything you can. Do what you’re interested in. Do what is available and offered to you. Most importantly, do something!

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