The Importance of Creating and Maintaining Your Portfolio

As a makeup artist, it’s important to keep an up to date portfolio. It allows potential clients to see what type of work you do and the particular style of it as well. No matter what field you wish to work in, you will need a portfolio to demonstrate and display your skills which can range from bridal makeup to special effects. Initially it can be hard to have a stellar portfolio, but with a little work and time, you can have one that will reflect your unique style and artistry. Here are some steps to take to create and maintain your makeup portfolio.
• Build your portfolio with professional photos. It is extremely important to have photos that display your technique and sometimes you cannot capture the beauty of your work or skills without the proper equipment and lighting. If you are worried about spending a lot of money on getting professional photos done, take the time to look for up and coming photographers who are also working to build their portfolio as well. It is also a great way to build potential business connections for the future as well.
• Keep your portfolio professional. Don’t include photos of yourself with the models or actors you’ve worked on. You want your focal point to be the skills you possess, not how long you get along with clients. Also be selective of the photos you wish to include. It’s always better to have a few select high quality photos over an abundance of inferior shots.
• Always make sure you have permission or ownership of the photos you use. You never want a potential client or employer to think you are using another person’s photo for your own personal gain. Make sure if you take photos with any professional photographers that you sign an agreement or contract stipulating you have ownership over the images.
• Keep your photos up to date. You never want to have a dated portfolio. Having a current and up to date collection of your work shows that you are growing as an artist and are keeping up with the current styles, techniques, and trends. Never be complacent with your work or portfolio and always look for ways to improve your skills and photos.
Maintaining your portfolio can be the difference between booking that amazing job opportunity or not. Always be sure to be as meticulous about documenting your work as you are about your application and process. Keep your portfolio current and promote the skills you have.

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