Importance of internships for college students

Michelle Muller graduated from Lynn University in 2013 with a bachelors of Science majoring in Hospitality Management and decided to pursue his career by pursuing her masters in Business Administration with a major in International Business in which she graduated in 2014. She is 22 years old and in her free time she likes to write, read, hanging out with her friends and family and her ultimate goal is to own her business.

Internship is having a preview of what an actual job would be like, also called as a “hands on experience”, there are many outcomes of doing an Internship while studying, one of them is to realize if is the field that you are interested or if is the right job for you.
I didn’t realize the importance of doing internship until I graduate and started looking for a job, that’s when I realize the importance of having experience in the field. Because although the theory is really important it is at the internship where you learn how to apply the theory in the workplace, is where all the things learned in the classroom comes to reality, it is completely different and the only way to realize is by doing an internship where you gain the experience from an actual worksite rather than the theory from the classroom.

Internship and Summer Jobs the same?
There is a difference between an Internship and a Summer job, usually a summer job it is a basic position in which training is not as relevant because it is a seasonal job, it is not worth for the company to invest on training an employee for such a short season and summer job are usually positions like, cashiers, servers or camp counselors.
When it comes to an internship, training is provided because is the way to introduce the potential employee to a particular job with direct supervision in order to introduce how the company works and they values and beliefs in which they work for.
All internships are learning experience that would help you realize if it is the right fit for you, it is the only way to gain exposure and experience in the field that would be worth it when you graduate and start looking for a job.

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