The Importance of Experience

I’m a recent Graduate of Ohio University with a wealth of experience in many different subjects considering I’ve done work in construction and automobiles, sales and farming, teaching and cooking, and have an aptitude for art and language. I’m easy going, and I enjoy helping others. I play instruments and never miss a chance to be outdoors. In other words I’m quite expansive in my interests and have a simple goal to understand everything

When you’re in High School or College having a job on the weekends can be an easy way to help pay for gas and other extracurricular activities, but it also means a lot more than just extra money.
When you’re trying to go to college and have the possibility of debt it means you have the certainty of needing money. Therefore working while attending school is great for many reasons including; extra money, learning, professional and personal relationships, time management skills, career ideas, et cetera. These jobs while in school not only serve financial needs but help with molding your wants and goals. You may find that a job in a pizza shop is what you want for a career, or like most of the population find that owning a pizza shop would be more your style. In order to reach these entrepreneurial goals you must learn the business, hence having the job in a pizza shop in the first place.
The opportunities don’t stop there of course. When you work for small businesses or corporations you earn experience for a résumé. These experiences are essential to grabbing a job after graduating college, do not guess that having a degree will automatically get you a job or in some cases even suggest experience. Many make the mistake of thinking they will come right out of college with no work experience and walk right into a position and this is quite fantastical. The only and best way to get a good job is to be able to prove your work ethic through professional references, and of course they are also looking at your performance at the previous job as well as how long you were there. Not to mention relevant experience, as in a job in the same field.
Employers love to see a loyal and trustworthy candidate that they can hire with the confidence that this candidate will know how to act in a work environment and they will be there for a while to come. No one wants to hire a person that rarely keeps a job or for that matter has never had one. You would be wise to find jobs that truly fit your wants and needs rather than a job that is just a job. In other words if you hate making pizza, why work at a pizza shop? Be especially attuned to this when selecting a career, in my experience, it is true what they say about not choosing a job simply for the salary. You may think, “I can deal with this as long as I get paid well”, but in reality your mind and body will work against you in this decision. Hedonism may be disputed widely among philosophers for one reason or another, but in the end most people realize that being happy in what they are doing makes up for any lack in funds.
Remember that while you are working these lower level jobs or having the opportunity of an internship that you are working with people that have gone through the same steps as you and they have chosen their careers for reasons that you may find very interesting, and on occasion they may know a person in your prospective field that could give you advice. Experience comes with age, ask the older generations for their experience and listen well, the biggest reason we learn these histories is to not repeat the mistakes and instead to embody the achievements.
People are your best resources for education in this sense, but they aren’t you and they don’t know what you want. Just because a family member or friend does something doesn’t mean it’s for you, but the story as to how they got there is well worth hearing. It’s important that you understand the responsibility you have for your future, and at the same time realize that a second opinion from the outside looking in is to be respected. I know it’s complicated, but through working and gaining valuable knowledge you will be on the other side of this article and, with my hope, giving even better advice.

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