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My name is Divya Ramaswamy. I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing at Georgia State University. I have been taking leadership roles for the past three years and have learned a great deal from each role. I wanted to share the benefits of each role and how to take advantage of the leadership opportunities on your campus.

College is the best time to learn from your mistakes. In the real world, mistakes can cost you a lot of money, your reputation, and even your job.
It is never too early to get involved in a club or organization. Start talking to people and researching the different organizations during your first semester. Join the ones that spark your interest – try to join two or three different ones just to get a feel for what you like. This is also a great way to meet people when starting off at a new school.
Joining a couple of organizations will give you a good idea of what you are interested in and eventually you will take a greater interest in one over the others.
During my freshman year, I did not join any organizations which made it very difficult for me to meet people. Everyday, I went to class and kept to myself in my room. I would go home on the weekends – I was very reserved.
My sophomore year I joined an organization called AIESEC because my friend was in it as well. I really enjoyed being involved in it because the other students shared similar values and really made me feel like I was a part of something.
I then ran for a vice president role and I soon became a vice president of Talent Management. I was responsible for training members on the organization as well as managing a group of twenty-five students. That year I faced hardships running a team and made many mistakes but it helped me grow as a person.
Later that year, I ran for president of AIESEC. I did not get the position and I was devastated. I felt as though people did not believe in me and what I stood for. But I was not ready to leave the organization that had given me so much so I ran for another vice president position. I got the position and with my team we worked really hard and achieved our goals. I was able to get through the tough times because of the friendships I made. They helped me through my failures and then helped me achieve our goals.
Because I stuck with it, I gained so much from the experience. I failed along the way but I learned from it and know now how to do things differently. Be a part of something that you love and things have a way of working out. Be a part of it and give it your all.
College is the time where we are able to make mistakes with less severe consequences. The point of being involved in organizations is to learn and experience things outside of school. Try new things and even if you don’t get it right the first time, always take it as a learning experience. Take the day to not think about it and take the next few days to reflect on it – what went wrong, why it went wrong, and most importantly, what would you do differently now.
Do not wait long to join and be a part of something. Meet people in the organization because they will be like a family for the four years you are there. You will soon find that you can lean on them through tough times and grow with them.

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