The Importance of Writing

Alfonso Flores is a 2012 graduate of University of Texas at El Paso where he earned a B.A. majoring in Creative Writing and Spanish Literature. Alfonso is currently working as an assistant for a human resources department of a restaurant. He hopes to one day finish his first novel and to transform his writing into a living.

There are things your high school professors insisted you reminded for college. Maybe they told you to learn algebra, calculus, public speaking, reading comprehension, chemistry, and so on. I can’t tell you if your professors were right about every subject they prioritized, but if they told you how important writing would be for college, they were right about that one. I picked writing as my career, because it is my passion, so it is quite obvious how important it was during my college years. How is it important to anyone that wants to finish college? Well, that is what I will show you in a few paragraphs.
Admission is the first roadblock in college that involves writing. I was an international student so the process of admission was quite a novel situation for me, yet I realized quickly that they expect all students to be able to express themselves in writing. They test your ability to write in different ways, such as a test that includes a simple essay about an easy topic or the dreaded admission essay. The point is clear, to even be considered for college you should be able to write at a high enough level to succeed in introductory classes.
If you are going to college, you are familiar with written assignments. During your early school life you had plenty of assignments like book reports, essays of many types, speeches and etc. I can tell you those were just preparation for even more complex writing assignments. You won’t see anything too unfamiliar, but the difference will be in subject and usage of language. Also, the weight these assignments have on your grade is always something you can’t ignore. Should you want to succeed, you will have to write better and better as you progress on your studies.
You can achieve recognition thanks to your writing, as examples we have many famous authors. Of course you shouldn’t expect to receive the same kind of popularity, but I found that a way to stand out to your professors is through your writing. You would think that being outspoken and interested in class would be the only way to accomplish that, but professors pay attention and will appreciate a well written assignment. They might even remember you by this, which is something you need for when you want that professor to become a connection. In conclusion, you want to stand out during class, which in turn will teach you how to generate the same kind of attention in your future endeavors. To be honest you need to have an edge over your peers and this could be one of those advantages.
I am trying to convince that you should prioritize writing; at the same time I am indirectly trying to tell you: “READ”. The average college student struggles to include reading in their schedule; this shouldn’t be the case if you want to get the most out of your college experience. If you want to be successful you need to write clearly and concisely, but if you want to write you need to read. All of this is pretty close to the phrase: “You need to crawl before you walk.” In other words, writing is an important skill, but it is easily developed when you read, thus importance of both activities comes together.
Your life after college will be affected by how you developed your skills. No matter your choice of major, I am sure you had plenty of writing to do during your college life. By this time you will know how important it was during those few years, but it doesn’t stop there. You honed this skill, like an apprentice carpenter that started working by creating a small stool and moved on to making dinner tables. As dedicated person that you are, you will develop your skill even more so you can offer to your employers another reason to hire you.
I said a few reasons to convince you about developing your writing skills. There are plenty more reasons to consider, but you will be able to come up with them as you find them. The simplest thing to consider is that you will have a pleasant experience if you consider your writing as a tool for success rather than something you are being forced to do.

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