The “It” Girls New Must-Have Accessory

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the black diamond is the “it” girl’s new must-have accessory. As of late, the usually squeaky clean diamond has traded in it’s traditional white look for it’s darker side. The rare black diamond, is the toughest form of a diamond known to exist. You have probably seen it used in men’s jewelry, where it has been more popular over the years. But lately this edgy, dare we say sexier, stone has been making an appearance in women’s jewelry as well. From statement rings to stud earrings, this dark and mysterious jewel is quickly becoming the hottest new accessory for fashionistas everywhere.

Unlike the traditional diamond, black diamonds are brittle, making them much more difficult to cut. As a result, the price for a black diamond tends to run a little higher than that of a traditional diamond. Hey, no one ever said that being fabulous and different was cheap! Thankfully, jewelry designers everywhere are creating costume jewelry with the black diamond look for a quarter of the price. If you don’t have extra money in the bank for a fabulous bauble, I say fake it til you make it and buy the costume jewelry version. You can also substitute black onyx which looks just as good and isn’t nearly as expensive. Some of my favorites pieces for the season are a statement cocktail ring, a necklace with both the black and white version of the diamond and simple stud earrings. The darker stone plays nicely against the feminine pastels and floral prints that we are seeing and adds a bit of edge to otherwise softer looks. This is your chance to be unique and infuse your own personal style into your jewelry. So tell me, will you be rocking a black diamond anytime soon?

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