The Latest Fashion Trends: Are They Right For You?

You and your girls have hit the mall to pick up a few things for the upcoming weekend. There are so many choices! How do you decide if the latest hot thing is right for you? A few tips will have you looking your best through every fashion season.
1) Does it work on your body type?
Know that feeling you get when you try something on that looked great, but just feels wrong? That’s probably because it’s not right for your body type. Skinny jeans don’t work on everyone! Are you pear shaped? Balance out that larger bottom half with sleek, black cigarette pants. Want to disguise a bigger bust line? Choose v-neck tops that lengthen your shape. Understand that trends come and go, but your body type is here to stay. Find the core pieces you feel great in and update them with modern fabrics and colors.
2) Can you stash it in your bag?
Accessories are an easy, inexpensive way to wear the latest trends. Stock up on trendy jewelry, sunglasses, hair bands, hats, scarves, tights, even nail polish! These items are easy to swap in and out of your everyday wardrobe and won’t cost you very much to rock the latest look. Bonus points for anything sparkly and dramatic. It’s surprising how a pair of oversized hoop earrings draw the eye. Trendy accessories will make your classic outfit pop!
3) Will you regret it later?
Do you look back in pictures and wonder how your friends let you wear those silly legwarmers, those blindingly bright neon t-shirts, that hideous brown lipstick? Yep, we’ve all had that experience. Understand that this can’t really be helped – time goes on, styles change. But you can draw the line somewhere. Start to understand what works best on you and you’ll not only look your best, you’ll feel great too.

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