The Latest Fashion Trends Examined – Should You Try Them?

We’ve all seen girls around campus rocking the latest looks and you’ve probably asked yourself if you could pull that off. The truth is not all trends are right for everyone, but trying out the latest modern look is never a bad thing! Feel free to test drive these fashion trends and see if they’re right for you.
• Neon anything
Best in small doses, the new neon-colored clothing and accessories is a bright and fun shot of color to any outfit. But rethink that full-length neon green maxi dress. Too much of this bold fashion trend is definitely not a good thing. Neon pink sunglass frames are cute, as well as an accent on athletic wear.
• Gladiator sandals
Gladiator sandals never really went out of style, did they? Having said that, it’s probably a good idea to stay a bit on the conservative side as far as length goes. That weird, caged look when they creep up towards your knees isn’t really attractive. Any color leather, with minimal embellishments keeps this look classic and fresh.
• Jumpers and rompers
Updated for the modern girl, jumpers and rompers are a cute and comfy addition to any college girl’s wardrobe. The type of fabric is key to making this look work and not make it seem like you’re in your playclothes. Terry cloth makes it look you’re in your bathrobe, too sheer and silky makes it look like pajamas. A thick, brushed cotton or even denim work for this trend.
• Printed leggings
Keep it understated and subtle with this welcome shot of energy to your wardrobe. Classic prints, muted colors and fabric that isn’t too shiny will guarantee you can wear this fashion trend well into next year. Also, leggings are not pants. Pair them with tunics and extra long tanks.

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