Latest Hair Accessories

College life can get pretty busy, so who has time to do their hair? You wash, you go and that’s it! If you don’t coif your hair perfectly, at least give it some panache with a cool hair accessory. With so many options, you have no more excuses to leave your dorm or apartment with anything less!

Printed Clips for Loose Hair
Have you seen these retro clips lately? They’ve actually improved dramatically since we were kids and do more than just tie back mini-pigtails at the front of your head. Choose from animal prints, geometric patterns and awesome bright colors. They add a pop of dimension to your otherwise plain hair and pull back those annoyingly loose strands that fall in your face or over your ear when you put your hair up.

Stretchy Headbands
Whether you are working out, running errands or even just every day, stretchy headbands are a “groovy” way to bring your hair together in a neat way. In a ton of colors, shapes and styles, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t speak to your taste and lifestyle. The most common is the stretchy bands of knit. These days they come in fabulous prints and colors. Added bonus: They stay put longer with rubber tracking that doesn’t harm your hair and elastic-like bands to place under your hair at the nape of your neck. You can also find fabulous sportier options, like those that come in two-band styles. Of you can find metallic or ones that match your hair color, they make a great complement to updos for special events!

Bun Makers
I am obsessed with those high buns that that look almost likes donuts on your head! They are so chic and dress up an outfit in a jiff. Plus, they are soooo easy. You can go to any drugstore or discount store and find them on the shelves
Clip-In Hair Extensions
If you want to experiment with longer hair or add some volume or layers, try some clip-in hair extensions! They are available at any beauty supply store and come in a variety of colors. Make sure you get the kind made from real hair. You can ask your hairstylist to teach you to clip in the pieces and even trim them to fit the style you would like to accomplish.

Hippie Headbands
I call these hippie headbands because they have such a cool, bohemian look to them. These headbands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a simple look that’s great for parties and festivals, try a leather cord that you simply tie around the front to back of your head over your hair. Let the ends hang loose on the side (no bows here!), and you’ve got a cool retro look. Leave your hair straight or slightly wavy but not tightly curled for this look to work. You can also opt for a cool stretchy headband and wear it the same way but with a more cozy, hat-like look. Look online for handmade versions on your favorite shopping sites in crochet, chiffon and more. Or you can simply take your favorite hair scarf and wrap it like a chic urban turban on top of your hair.

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