The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty

Pain isn’t always gain! Simplify your routine and take advantage of your natural beauty with some of our time saving tips.

How to: Get Lush Lips
Easy Way: Forget about plumpers and layering on liner and lipstick. Stick with balm or go au natural then just add a dot of highlighter above your top lip in your cupid’s bow (the little indent under your nose).

How to: Get White Teeth
Easy Way: Add some milk to your coffee. Coffee is one of the main culprits when it comes to staining your teeth but if you love it there is no reason to give it up. Just a little bit of milk can help stop it from adhere to your teeth. Be sure to order two percent milk though. It is the fat in the milk that helps to protect your teeth.

How to: Fake 5 lbs. Away
Easy Way: Double up on the bronzer. Apply one coat and let it dry. Follow-up with another coat just for contouring. In other words, darken the areas that you want to minimize. Add another thin layer to your waist, hips, and thighs so create the illusion of slimness.

How to: Find Quality Product
Easy Way: You might not need to upgrade your currents products. Before you decide that something isn’t working, make sure that you are using it correctly. For a face wash to work properly, you should leave it on for at least one minute. It may be able to wash your makeup off in less time but if it has anti-aging or acne fighting ingredients, you need to allow your skin some time to absorb it. Spend some time reading the instructions and getting tips on the particular product that you are using.

How to: Get Healthier Hair
Easy Way: You don’t need to increase your products or spend more time on your hair. In fact, the very opposite is what your hair likely really needs. Experiment with new hairstyles so that you can let your roots grow out a little longer. Use dry shampoo or updos to stretch out time between washings. Let your eyebrows grow out a little to prevent overplucking. Your hair can shine on its own so just give it the opportunity.

How to: Save Time on Your Beauty Routine
Easy Way: Shower better! Put on your face wash before you get in the shower so it has time to work. Add a thick coat of lip balm before you get in, allow it to soak in under the steam, then rub it off with a washcloth to exfoliate. Wait until the end of your shower to shave your legs so that the hair is softer and you’ll be less prone to razor bump.

How to: Add Volume to Your Hair and Lashes
Easy Way: Change your brushing style! When you are brushing your hair, lift upward. This is make a particularly big difference when you are blow drying and brushing. When you are applying mascara, do a little back combing. Rather than dragging upward, do a stroke toward your nose for a more wide eyed look.

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