The Little Black….Booties

By Julie Earle

So, everyone knows the saying “the little black dress,” but I want to recreate it, if I may, to “the little black booties.”

For the past year, my little black booties have been my best friend that I have worn for many different looks and in a variety of weather conditions. The university I attend has over 12,000 students; so, the campus is relatively large, which means A LOT of walking and sometimes running if I am late. I also work two different retail jobs that require 4-6 hours of standing in one shift. Many of you may be able to relate. Because of this, comfort and practicality is at the top of my checklist when purchasing footwear. At first, I had trouble finding stylish footwear that was comfortable and practical for my situation. I would even pack black flats in my bag to wear when I walked around campus then once I got to my destination or class change into my cute heels. After about two weeks, changing shoes got old fast as you can imagine. Eventually, I decided to tough it out and wear my stiletto boots or pumps around, which was most definitely a poor choice; hence, all of the heel blisters and heel scars. After months of shopping and online browsing, I came across my little black booties from Nine West, which have become a staple item in my closet for fall and winter seasons.

I value my little black booties because they are very stylish, have relatively good size heel, in addition to the comfort and practicality of being a student and walking places with a bag or backpack. The even better part is they are extremely versatile! I style my black booties in a variety of ways, from casual to work apparel to night life.

Cuff your skinny jeans, put on a black cardigan, and add a nice necklace for a cool, casual look. Then, wear your black booties out on the town or to a social gathering with a skirt, dress, and a pair of sheer black tights for a fun night time style. No matter what your fashion style may be, they may be styled in a variety of ways!

Take it from me…comfortable shoes as a college student is highly important! There is nothing worse than walking around campus with two more classes on the fourth floor with bleeding blisters and pounding sensations on the balls of your feet! My Nine West black booties have been the lifesaver that I wear all the time and look fantastic too.

After doing a little research, I want all of you to invest in a great pair of black booties no matter what your price point is! You won’t regret it! Below I have posted a few different options and price ranges of little black booties! I know you will love them as much as I do! With comfort and style also comes self-confidence!
Happy New Year!!


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