Keys to success in college

My name is Kwang Choi but I go by KC. I am currently attending San Jose State University and I am studying Finance. I was born in Korea and moved to the U.S when I was 11 years old. I lived in Los Angeles most of my life and San Jose has been like a second home to me. I hope to one day become a financial planner because I want to help others make sound financial decision. My family has gone through a lot of financial struggles so I realize the importance of having a financial plan whether someone is poor or rich.

Set a goal. It is really crucial that you set goals for yourself. Without goals you will be lost and stuck on what to do next. Setting goals will serve as a guide map to give you a direction and help you become result driven. Start out with specific goals and branch out into broader goals. For example if your goal is to get an “A” in a class, list the specific goals that will help you get that “A.” Specific goals could include studying certain amount of hours studying, getting a tutor help, going to office hours or having a study session with your classmates.
Undertake challenges. Most students try to take the easy way out of college. This means taking courses with professors who are easy to pass with. This will help you boost your GPA but not your learning. Taking the hard and challenging courses will not only help grow your knowledge but will help you become better prepared for the real world.
Change. If you are not doing well in your classes then it is time to change the way you are studying. Perhaps increasing the hours or coming up with a new method of studying is required. The best method of studying that I use is doing things over and over again. Repetition helps me to become more comfortable and helps me improve my memory. Another change you can make is the environment in which you study or the people you study with.
Calm. In college there will be tough and emotional times. Try to think positive and everything will be ok. Try to find friends who can support you or seek a counselor to talk about your feelings or issues. Keeping it to yourself will only make things worse.
Expect failures. In college you will experience some kind of set back such as getting a low grade in a class. So it is good to prepare for those times by expecting it to happen sooner or later. When you expect something you are not surprised at all and not affected by it as much. Realizing that success can only come through failure will help you remember it is okay to fail once in a while. This is another key in overcoming obstacles in college.
Set standards. You should ask yourselves what standards you are setting for yourself. If you are satisfied with getting “C’s” and barely passing that is not the right kind of standard. If you are not setting the right standards then you are most likely not setting proper goals for success.
Self-Starter. In order to be successful in college you have to do things on your own. Your parents will not be here to guide you and remind you of your schedule. You have to take the initiative to join clubs and find jobs and internships. Also networking through job fairs and company sponsored competitions will be tremendously helpful. That is how you have a successful and meaningful college life.

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