The Most Important Thing You’re Not Doing: Dirty Brushes

Makeup brushes can be pricey but they are often worth the investment. Rather than picking up new brushes every few months, you are far better off to invest in quality brush that can last for ages. The trick to keeping brushes that last is to get keep them clean.

Keep a Schedule

There are a lot of great makeup brush cleansers out there as well as a easy DIY cleaning solutions that you can make at home. They are both great options. It is really a matter of your own preference. The most important thing that you can do is just commit to actually getting your brushes clean on a regular basis. So, first things first, be realistic! Choose a product that you like using and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

Generally, most experts say that you should clean your brushes at least once a month and once a week is the best schedule if you are using them daily.. Simply set a reminder on your phone and stick to the schedule. It doesn’t take long but really make a big difference. Your makeup brushes are getting packed full of old makeup, dirt, and bacteria. These messy combinations can easily lead to breakouts.

There are a lot of daily cleansing sprays out there and they can be great. If your skin is prone to breaking out, it might be well worth the investment of getting a daily cleansing spray. They are also good for keeping the palate the clean and allowing you to use multiple colors without mudding them with traces of old shades.

Do a Deep Cleaning

If you use your brushes on a daily basis, set aside one day per week where you can leave you wash your brushes and then leave them out to dry. Small brushes dry quickly but larger ones may stay damp for hours so it is best to just plan to leave them overnight.

The first thing to do when you are ready to clean your brushes is to hold the head of the brushes under warm water. Let the water run over the brushes as rinse away the top layer of makeup. Don’t scrub at it. Just let it rinse on its own. Also, be careful not to get the handle of the brush too wet. They are typically held on with glue and repeated washings can cause the handle to pull away from the brush.

After you have gotten off the messy bit of the makeup off, fill up a bowl with with a small tap of baby shampoo and water. You don’t need to go overboard with the shampoo. Use just a dime-size amount. Swirl the brush around the water to soak up the shampoo then gently swirl it onto a paper towel to loosen things up. Once you have a light later on the brush, hope it under running water until the water is running clearly with no make or shampoo residue. After swirling the brushes in water, they may be a bit misshapen. Use a towel to gently push them back into place. Set them on a flat surface and leave them out to dry overnight.

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