The Myths (or Not?) of College

College is such a complex experience that people have a hard time really explaining it. It’s like trying to explain to someone what giving birth is like, it’s impossible. To truly understand it, you have to go through the experience yourself. However, instead of just telling that to future students, people who have gone through it come up with a whole bunch of weird tales.

College is Four Years – Myth or Truth

Myth. A very smart young woman who got exactly a three year scholarship to her school of choice made sure she graduated in three years. A very smart man thought he wanted to major in engineering, found out it really wasn’t for him after freshman year, and switched to economics. He graduated in five years. Both are equally successful in their chosen careers. Not a single employer thought the young man was lacking quality because it took him a bit longer to graduate.

Participate in Everything – Myth or Truth
Myth. This is especially a big myth during your freshman year. The first year at school you are so busy figuring out the whole college thing, the last thing you want to do is drown. Give yourself a little time to settle in. Once you’ve got a grasp on college, start exploring your passions and interests but make sure they will further your end goals; graduation and getting your dream job. Be very selective how you spend your time. If you are doing everything you want to be doing, but find you have to schedule 15 minutes in to have a phone chat with the folks or meet up with a girlfriend for coffee, than you might want to reevaluate your participation level.

College is the Best Time of Your Life – Myth or Truth
Myth. Didn’t you hear this about high school as well? That and you better not reach your peak potential between the ages of roughly 18-22. What makes college so great is that it is a time for learning and exploring. This is so because you have a personality that actively seeks out the opportunity to learn and explore. What makes people think that ends just because college does? Maybe the ones who became complacent and lazy after college.

College is Harder Than High School – Myth or Truth

Truth. Not necessarily because the learning materials of classes are harder but because of what you must learn outside of your courses. While in high school you had the shelter and protection of the family home. Also you were treated like a child while in high school. College is your first step toward adulthood and that comes with a lot of diverse things that need to be learned.

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