The No Make-Up Make-Up Routine

We’ve all heard celebrities say it. “When I’m not working, I don’t wear any make-up.” Or your boyfriend has said, “You would look just as beautifully without all that make-up.”
Well, both of those statements might be true, but who among is brave enough to go out bare-faced for a night on the town? Instead of no make-up, opt for a bare-face look that is fresh, pretty and enhances your natural beauty.
Here’s how to get it:
1. Start with impeccably clean skin. Use an exfoliating cleanser and wash your face right before foundation application.

2. Follow up with a moisturizing facial lotion. Choose a moisturizer with a slight tint to it so you don’t need to add any foundation.

3. Cover any break-outs with yellow-ish cover up. Reaching for the cover up with yellow undertones, not pink, will ensure a natural look. Use the lightest touch you can to reduce any redness.

4. Line eyes with a light brown eye liner. A beigey-tawny brown eye liner color will go great with any woman’s skin coloring. The key is the light application.

5. Dot on some liquid illuminizer or highlighter. With your fingers, dab on a few drops of highlighter fluid on your browbone, the tops of your cheek bones, spreading into your temples, and in the inside corner of your eye, below your tear duct.

6. Use a creamy cheek color. There’s something about the consistency of a cream blush that makes your skin appear to glow from the inside out.

7. Use the same creamy cheek color on your lips. Follow up with the same color on your lips so it looks like the natural color of your lip and skin tone. Dot on some clear gloss for shine.

8. Apply translucent powder on your t-zone. Don’t swipe a powder all over your face because blotting out your natural oils takes away from the look of a make-up free face. Just matte-ify your t-zone.

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