Key for success

Throughout your life people will be giving you advice on what you need to do to be successful. Whether it is to play a specific sport, go to a specific college, or be a part of a specific club. What all of these things have in common, is they are based on experiences from other people and not your own. Although this may sound like another article telling you what to do to be successful, it is much more than that if you take some time to apply the message to you’re own situation.
What I have found through my life is that nothing is worth doing or pursuing if you don’t have passion for it. This is a simple thought but think about all the times we get caught up in the moment and end up doing things that we do not have passion for.
Before we go any further let’s define what exactly is success and what exactly is passion. For me, success is the sense of fulfillment I get from being a part of something greater and achieving a certain goal. On the other hand there is failure, in my experiences this when I do not see any productive benefit coming from my actions. Being wealthy, traveling a lot or having a big house can be successes for different people. But what are the benefits of having these acheivements if there is nothing productive coming from them? If these things can’t enrich you in anyway and lead to more opportunities for success is it really a success? There are times in our lives we engage in activities that we do not want to do. It is then, when we need to be inspired by the passion we have for our main objective. This leads to the question: what is passion?
Passion is a deep desire we get for something whether it is for a hobby, sports team, person, etc. Even if you have to do something you do not enjoy, if you have passion for your ultimate goal, all the steps in the process are worth it; and you will want to continue pursuing it which will lead to other possibilities for success.
I have a passion for languages. Since I discovered what my passion is, I have gone through many steps to be able to learn many languages. I have faced obstacles and have had to go through uncomfortable situations. In the end, everything that I went through has been worth it and has inspired me to keep learning languages and about other cultures. The moment when I see myself as a sucessful person is when I can fully engage in a culture and have passed all the tedious experiences.
To sum things up, you need to consider everything you do in life and be sure that you will feel passion for what you choose thus making you proud and giving you sense of success. Now that you are entering a new stage of your life be sure you know what your passions are and base your desicions on the productivity of your passions so that in the future you can have true success.

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