The ponytail

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that works for countless occasions. You can easily wear one at the gym and on a date. With a look that goes with so many styles how do you make it unique? In the past the sleeker the pony the better. Girls applied all sorts of products to tame flyaways and get super straight hair. Today things have changed. One new trend is to wear it as big as possible. So leave your gel and smoothing serums at home cause this season big is in!
If you have curly hair you finally win when it comes to how easy it is to create this style. Work your natural texture by letting your curls or frizz run loose. It doesn’t sound super glamorous, but the more volume the better when it comes to the big pony trend. Try applying curling moose to damp locks. Once hair is 80% dry put it up in a ponytail at the crown of your head. Work a diffuser throughout your tail to create volume while still keeping the shape of your curls. Once hair is dry fluff hair even more with spritzes of volumizing hair spray. Don’t worry about the general shape, just make it BIG. To add even more drama tease the hair on top of your head before putting hair in the pony.
If you have straight hair, don’t fear, you can still rock the big pony look. Start by blow drying your hair with your head upside down. This helps to create volume. Once hair is done you can pin up hair on top to create a small poof or pull hair straight back to create a more edgy look. Decide where you want the ponytail, either at the nape of your neck, in the middle, or at the crown of your head. Once hair is up grab a teasing comb and some hairspray. Tease and pull apart hair until your tail is bushy.
It takes confidence to wear this trend, so if you try it out make sure to own it!

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