The Post-College Lost Feeling

So right now you’re all excited cause you’re in college and you’re going to graduate right into a great and glorious future. Right?

Well, maybe. The other potential outcome is that you will graduate into what I’ve decided to call the “Post-College ‘Lost’ Feeling.”

This didn’t happen to me after undergrad, but it happened to me after grad school. I was this big-time chica, all rocking out with my brand new masters degree, and all of a sudden I realized I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I mean I guess I had a general direction, and a whole bunch of advice from random people on what to do next, but basically the world was a very scary oyster to me, and I didn’t have the faintest idea where to put my foot down first.

Some people get over this phase in a month. Some people get over it 6. Some people get over it in 50 years. It took me 2.5. Two and a half years of limbo. It was completely frustrating, and it was the funnest thing ever. Having no idea what to do with my time, I did everything that came my way: took tango classes, went whitewater rafting, traveled, made new groups of friends, and enjoyed being young and free in my twenties.

Very gradually, I started seeing patterns, started feeling more sure of myself, and started feeling a slight but steady direction into which I felt certain I should continue walking. . I learned a lot about myself. The maze I had been in slowly turned into a straight away, and life started making sense again.

It worked. And now I am on the dawn of a new era of life. I’m not where I thought I’d be, but that’s ok. I’m very happy. I ended up ok. Trust me–you will too.

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