The Power of Perseverance

Markesia majored in Fashion Design at Parsons The New School and absolutely adores vintage fashion. She is an emerging designer destined to leave her signature on this world.

The power of perseverance is something that everyone has. All of humanity is born with this superpower. Embedded within the pulse of the human heartbeat echoes…thump-thump…”Don’t give up” … thump-thump… “Keep going” … thump-thump…”Hang in there.” Not even limitation is a match for the heavy hitter. This intrinsic power is the driving force behind accomplishments, success stories, and setbacks proceeded by comebacks. It is an innate ability to pull from deep down inside to overcome. This overcoming may be in but not limited to: fear, worry, or boundaries in reaching one’s goal. This superpower enables one to lift life’s heavy burdens and stare down the ugly word of impossibility. Often when reaching a fork in the middle of the road, it is perseverance that instructs one to pick up a fork and keep going. One’s courage to pursue in spite of the odds is what adds super to the power.
Being courageous enough to persevere also affects one’s insight. Situations that may seem bleak and hopeless are not viewed in that capacity but as learning tools instead. The bleak circumstances of disappointment are used to gain wisdom, insight, clarity and understanding while simultaneously moving toward the next task or goal. This parable is like one’s driving fuel that keeps him/her operating even in the midst of having no gas. Perseverance uses those dark moments in life that are meant to demolish one’s hopes and dreams and did the opposite. Instead of a demolition reconstruction takes place. This reconstruction takes places in the building of one’s faith, confidence, and imagination. Faith is built upon knowing that the dark situation will get better. Confidence rests in the knowing that one can facilitate things getting better and in the imagination to picture things better.
The power of perseverance causes one to walk away from all zones of comfort and soar far above mediocrity to see life not as it is, but as it could be. Pablo Picasso once said, “Anything you can imagine is real.” Getting the realization that life is far larger than restrictions, barriers, and borders are priceless and knowing that perseverance grants humanity the perfect view is freedom. The freedom to not only live outside the box but to kick it over and make paper airplanes out of it. Having the liberty to achieve a life of meaning, substance, and purpose built on the foundation of superpowers and carried out by people, the superheroes.
Deep within the nucleus of every individual lies an organic gift. This gift adds super to the human power. This gift encourages the heart of even the most fearful to spring out into the unknown and to seek the never told. It is a silent partner that gives one the heroism to go after outlandish opportunities and tackle insurmountable ambitions. It impels to beat down locked doors, bypass fear, and walk around let down. Negative conditions or counter-productive environments do not stand a fighting chance in the ring with perseverance. It empowers all to become superheroes in life. Much like superheroes athletes have superpowers too. Every athlete is required to jump over hurdles and leap over all obstacles to score. In the Olympics of life, every person is simply another athletes. This qualification comes just by deciding to participate in the race qualifies one as a winner.

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