The Power of the Belt

So some of us are more adept at fashion than others. For those people interested in dressing up ANY look with one single accessory, I have a suggestion: try what I’ve dubbed the “power of the belt.” You might roll your eyes or say, “Come on, Paige. Belts are for utility. Everyone knows that.” You know what? For most of my life, I believed the same thing. But I had an interesting experience. So hear me out.

Now belts go in and out of style. I understand this. Some years they’re chunky; some years they’re as thin as you can make them. But I also strongly feel that, no matter your body shape or taste in clothes, you can make the belt look work for you.

Here’s how I discovered this: one day, after reading a fashion magazine, I tried it. I took my normal work clothes–and added a simple, chunky black belt.

You know what? I started getting a lot of compliments. People would say, “We don’t know what you did, but you look really put together!”

So I did it several days in a row. I tried chunky belts, I tried thin belts, I tried unconventional belts that were more chain-like or entailed a bunch of bottle caps hooked together. Sometimes I knew I looked amazing; sometimes I really wasn’t sure. No matter–I walked out of the house that way anyway. “Who’s the fashionista,” people would say. This amused me to no end.

So now I have a belt rack. It’s pretty cool. And on the days when I’m feeling fashionista-y, I reach over and pick the perfect belt to compliment my otherwise rather average-looking (if you ask me) outfit.

Seriously: Slacks. Blouse. No makeup. Hair gelled in 2 seconds before dashing out the door.


“OMG, Paige–you look AMAZING!!!”

Behold: the power of the belt.

Try it sometime.

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