The Power to Choose

ToVonnia Lewis is a junior pursuing her B.A. in Psychology at Clark Atlanta University. Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Florida, ToVonnia is an author, singer of the Philharmonic Society at Clark Atlanta University and she has held multiple positions at her institution. Not only does ToVonnia write as well as sing she is also an aspiring professional actress. I enjoy the witnessing the peace of the beach’s breeze and the luminescence of the moon.

What if someone told you that you have the ability to be the most powerful person on Earth? Would you choose to believe them? Well, believe me when I say you do. You just have to realize that. The power I’m referring to is not the power of physics. I am not implying that you can be the most powerful as if I was referring to weight either. Not power as in strength; yet power as in choice. Power is defined as the ability or right to influence others. You have the power control your own behavior as well as influence others. The ability to choose is the power to decide your destiny. Destiny is defined as a hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. Your hidden power controls what happens in your future. Once you realize the power in every decision you make you will be able to understand the essence of every choice. The choices we make can be related to the domino effect. Once you do one thing, it is bound for that choice to connect with the next, and there you go; each choice affecting another. Every situation has a reason and a reaction. Reasons are the ‘why’ in the situation. For instance, imagine you work in customer service. You are conversing with a customer about a product they are trying to return. The customer was first furious about the product’s inability to work however, now their attitude has shifted towards you. The customer begins to raise the level of their voice and their face is stained red from anger. You have found yourself trying to appeal to the customer’s needs as well as stay calm. After you have examined the situation in total, you have come to question the reason. Now, you’d stop and ask ’’Why is this customer this upset?’’ Because you have come into contact with the reason you have the choice to choose your reaction. A reaction is an action or feeling experienced as a result or a situation or event. After understanding the situation you have the power to determine your destiny. You could both ignore the customer and allow the negative energy to transfer over to you from the customer as you explain to them why this is not your problem. Or you could choose to continue to work with the customer as you try to allow your good energy to influence the customer’s behavior while remaining calm. Embrace the power that you are born with; the power to choose positive or negative effects. You honestly never know exactly where a choice may land you though you could analyze the situation and take an educated guess. If you would’ve ignored the customer’s comments and reflected their negative attitude you may have been fired from your job. Not only would you have been fired, the result of that choice could have affected your next choice to apply to another job. Your decision to explode, would’ve then affected you from receiving the job you may have applied for after being fired. Now, the domino effect will continue. One choice determines another. Therefore you want to make sure you use your power to choice the right reaction in order to positively influence your destiny. Your destiny lies in the folds of your mind. If you believe that your choices determine your future, then go ahead and create good karma to boomerang back to you. If you do not believe that your choices influence your future then observe your actions and determine where your reaction will lead you. But remember, rather you believe in your power or not, you still made a choice

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