The Pretty Girl In The Dress

When I was in college, I did not have much of a social life. It’s not that the opportunity didn’t exist–it’s just that I was intent on my studies. I was basically content with the lack of people around me–particularly of the male persuasion–but I feel like every now and then even the most content of single women has a small but significant freak out.

Especially around Easter. What is it about Easter? On my college campus, this is when all the ladies would deck out in their most colorful dresses and suddenly, out of the woodworks, men would appear by their sides. Where were they coming from? Was it simply that my nose had been in a book all winter and I had neglected to see their now-blossoming relationships developing?

I won’t lie–it made me wonder about myself. I’m sure many of you have been in the same boat. Why don’t I get to be the pretty girl with the man by my side? What have those girls done that I haven’t? I pondered these things.

But upon pondering, I reached an important truth–I was perfect as I was. There was nothing wrong with being single. In fact, I’m now of the opinion that a woman who stays single for a significant period of time shows a particular brand of strength of character that women who are constantly in and out of relationships may lack. Despite my lack-of long-term relationship, I’m appreciative of this personal growth.

I have now been out of college several years–and my time finally did come, and I have been that girl in the pretty dress with the man by her side many times. Currently, however, I’m not. And you know what? That’s ok.

So if that happens to be you–if you are the bookworm with the glasses peering over her latest Jane Austen and wondering at what point, if ever, she will get to be that girl–

It’s cool. It’s ok. Be yourself. Trust me. Let life take you on your own adventures. And take it from me: your time will come.

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