The Pros Attending Beauty School

Whether you are a recent or soon to be high school graduate or someone who is looking to get out of a dead-end job, now is a great time to consider going to a technical or trade school. These schools offer in-depth training in a special field, without all the time and cost involved with attending a four-year college or university. Not only can you learn what you need for your profession, but you can get out there earning an income in a timelier manner. The lower cost is appealing as well, and you will not be burdened down with as much debt as your friends in a four-year school.
Maybe you are someone who has always enjoyed hair and make-up and the ways certain style changes can improve the way someone looks and feels about herself. Maybe you have always cut your friends’ or family members’ hair as a hobby. For you, beauty school is a great option. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of attending beauty school and pursuing a career as a beauty professional.
1. Beauty school graduates have a fairly easy time finding jobs even in this recession. In fact, most schools help their students find jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS) expects service jobs in the beauty industry to grow by at least 24 percent in the period between now and 2020. The BLS expects demand to be particularly strong in coming years for those professionals who have skills in hair coloring, hair straightening and other technical processes.

2. Beauty school offers hands-on learning in a creative environment. If you are not a fan of traditional classroom instruction and learn best by doing, then beauty school is a good choice for you. Beauty school students learn by doing, and they enjoy the energy that style of learning brings.

3. Learning continues throughout a beauty career. The best beauty professionals keep learning, growing and adapting to change during their careers. Continuing education in the form of seminars and classes will help you keep current with new styles and techniques. Many stylists and cosmetologists find this mental stimulation to be one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

5. A career in beauty offers flexibility and growth. Flexible work hours are a big draw to the career for many beauty school students. As you establish a clientele, you can set your own schedule and can adjust your hours according to your personal and family needs. Since many salons are open nights and weekends, you can combine working full-time with parenting, for example.

A career in beauty also offers growth potential. Many stylists are entrepreneurs who end up opening their own salons or spas. Today, many health clubs, hotels and resorts have beauty professionals who work as independent contractors.

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