The Quarter-Life Crisis

At some point during or after college, you are going to go through a quarter-life crisis. Get ready for it: it’s coming. This is the point of the show where any one of a number of things could happen around you.

1) Everyone’s getting married.
2) A few people have kids. Who ARE those little people?
3) Everyone has a job.
4) Most of those jobs are their dream jobs, or enviable at the very least.
5) A lot of people have their own place.
6) People are starting to sound a whole lot like adults when they talk.

If you are one of the above people, give yourself a pat on the back and a gold star for the day. The rest of you, keep reading.

My guess is you’re probably single, that kids are a part of your distant future, that you have a job but wish you could quit on a daily basis, that you have at least one roommate, and that you still go out and party hard at least 3 nights out of the week. Or, you know, the antisocial equivalent of whatever that is.

The quarter life crisis is when you compare yourself to your friends and have a mild to major freakout that you are way off the beaten path, that this is a problem, and that you have absolutely no idea how to get to wherever it is you’re supposed to be.

You know what I’ve found? Wherever it is you are at the moment? You’re there. It may not be ideal, but you’re there. That’s you, at that moment in time. And wherever it is, it’s as good a starting point as any to move forward. Self improvement is always good, but it’s hard to improve yourself until you stop being hard on yourself and accept and love yourself where you are, no matter what.

So. Start there. And trust me–the rest will come.

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