The “Real World” Fear

It’s easy to get anxious about graduation. Our whole lives are spent as students. Then all of a sudden, that identity is gone.

It’s easier to make a smooth transition gradually. If you’re worried about being financially independent, try to pick up the tab on a few of your expenses before you graduate. That way, your bills won’t seem too overbearing right at the beginning. You’ll also already be used to paying bills on time.

As a society, we’ve laid out a few well-trodden paths that are considered acceptable for post-education plans. Paths such as getting a salaried job with benefits, starting a family. There’s nothing wrong with any of these choices. After all, society pushes these values because they have generally made people very happy.

Knowing what will make you happy is the most important step to creating a good post-graduate plan. Diversity is the beauty of society, and different people like different things. The path your parents have always wanted you to take might not be the path that will make you happy. But don’t fret; life is long. Just as you had time to think of a few different majors that might be interesting, you will have time to try all sorts of jobs and lifestyles if you want to.

There are infinite possibilities for your post-graduation life. Maybe after working a few years, you decide to go back to school for a masters degree or a different undergrad program. Keeping an open mind helps keep that wonderful experimentation aspect of college alive long after graduation.

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