The Resolution of the Closet

My name is Jessica Parker, I reside in Fort Washington, MD. I am Christian. I am aspiring to be a model, entrepreneur, and fashion guru ( stylist, media talent). I have my cosmetology license that I received when I graduated from high school. I am a recent graduated from The University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelors degree in English and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I have participated in Philly Fashion Week, DC Fashion week, and New York Couture Fashion week. I love to read about fashion and romance. I love to shop and take long trips to the park. I work out and enjoy spending time with loved ones.

We all know it’s been the year of the Woman, but the New Year of 2015 is set to arrive in a couple of hours. New Year, new resolutions, but we dare not participate, if we are not going set out to keep it until the next year. Most resolutions deal with either (inner) mental progression or (outside) physical appearance; what if you can make a resolution that could handle both physical and mental resolutions at once? Well, I’m happy to tell you that changing your wardrobe is just that resolution! When you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, you are 100% confident in anything you do. Confidence is the key to success, job opportunities, life accomplishments, and more fun with less regrets.

As a college student, you have already taken the first steps to further opportunities in your life, so the next best step would be to take your style to the next level! Fashion is not a scary thing and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It will provide you with fresh beginnings in life while in college and after you graduate.

Fashion is your identity. The loud voice that speaks when you enter a room is your fashion sense, but style is what holds their attention hostage. One can own and know fashion, but have no clue to what style is. Style is knowing how to be versatile while being yourself, and making sure your outfit tells a story without causing confusion. This is a hard challenge to conquer, but trust me you have it in you to succeed at this task!

This Year’s resolution for 2015 is jumping into different fashions that are geared towards a style worth remembering each time it’s presented.

Being in college is rough already- being hungry and forced to eat cafeteria food, keeping your appearance up (especially during finals), and being broke as the months go by. But I’ve set up an easy way of helping you with a non-existing budget or a limited amount of money.
Set up a schedule of how you want to look on certain days, check the weather for the week and
specific days. You don’t want your get-up to get ruined by getting rained out or sun burned due to temperamental weather. I always did my days according to our universities student dress
participation days: “Professional Mondays,’’ “Pretty Girl Wednesdays (Heels are required) “and “Maroon & Gray Thursdays “(school colors). So Tuesday and Thursday were usually gym days, so I wore something comfortable after my morning workout. When you select what you want to wear for the week also take in to account your classes and possible special assignments, how many classes you have for each day; oh and definitely don’t forget the gym days!

Now you have to stick a routine you make, but routines can be flexible and as you practice what style works best for you. Take charge of this year’s fashion resolution and take charge of your life.

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