Bespoke clothing

What was once considered a luxury is now a rising demand amongst customers. With the invention of manufacturing facilities in the early 1900s, people have found it convenient and even economical to purchase from a mass production, rather than have to sit through two fitting sessions for every piece of clothing made. However, those in middle and upper classes still retained the services of a tailor to ensure the clothing made fits to their taste and their fit.
However, as early as the 1980s, the garment industry has gone global, with the rise of inexpensive labour overseas and improved shipping logistics. As a result, materials, which was once a costly factor in bespoke clothing has lowered in price. In addition, the trend of overseas tailors offering their services to North America has become more popular especially since labor rates are much cheaper there.
More importantly, the revival of bespoke clothing was really made popular by celebrities and royalty who chose to incorporate their personal taste into the design of the clothing rather than purchasing a designer piece off the rack. Reinforced by the discerning taste of the rich, and services now made available to the masses, tailor services have successfully revived.
Thanks to the internet, you no longer need to be physically present at your tailors in order to have your clothing made. You just need to submit the measurements requested by the tailor, select the style and the materials in the catalogues and weeks later, your clothing will arrive at your doorstep waiting for your first fitting.
Once you have tried on the clothes and if they require further alterations, then you will need to ship it back to the tailor for refinement. However, with most tailors, usually after the second fitting, the clothes can be worn.
The rise of the overseas tailors does not mean that local dressmakers and tailors need to close their shop. Tailors work by reputation and your long term clients will continue to be loyal as long as you don’t do anything too drastic like raise the prices or change the quality of your materials. On the other hand, there are still many customers who wish to be in the store to see and feel the materials for themselves, so no matter how economical an overseas vendor may be, these customers will still prefer to shop locally.
As a result, fashion students who are looking to make a mark in the local market as a designer or a tailor may have the opportunity to showcase their talent. Many neighbourhoods in North America tend to brag about their local designers, who care about the people and the trend, and not about the cheapness of the quality or the price. These are the talented individuals who will stay on to contribute to the flavor of the local fashion scene.
For more information about the local fashion scene, contact your high school counselor or the local fashion school.

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