Florist job description sample

If you are thinking about becoming a floral designer, ask yourself if you have the necessary skills, some of which are listed below. The good news is that if you are not naturally artistic, creative, organized, or good with customers, you can learn a lot of these skills by attending floral design school.

Artistic Ability

Like any art or design profession, being a florist requires you to be knowledgeable about style and aesthetics. It’s not sufficient to simply place some flowers in a vase and hand them to a customer. Instead, you need to start with a knowledge of different flowers – including their properties, growing conditions, and relative size – and use that information to create bouquets. A natural ability to recognize colors, shapes, and designs that go together well and harmonize will put you at a huge advantage. You should be able to create designs that not only look beautiful to you, but will find widespread appeal among customers. You should also be able to create arrangements that evoke particular sentiments from customers (such as “love” on Valentine’s Day) or are reminiscent of particular holidays (such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas).


In addition to artistic ability, most design professionals also need to be creative and have the ability to come up with designs from nothing. You will have to pull from different sources of inspiration, such as flowers you see out in nature, the combinations you come up with in your own garden, or the pictures you see in magazines. You can then use your inspiration to come up with designs for your own bouquets. In some situations you may not be able to flex your creative muscle very much (such as when someone says he or she wants a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day), but in others (such as when an indecisive or open-minded bride or groom needs flowers for his or her wedding) you will have the freedom to utilize the latest trends to come up with stunning arrangements.

Customer Service Skills

Most florists have to speak with customers for at least some portion of their day. This might include taking orders over the phone or speaking with them when they walk in off the street. You will need to know how to ask the right questions and behave appropriately to find out what a customer wants, explain different options, and provide high-quality designs that meet a customer’s satisfaction. You might also have to deal with other people in this profession, such as coworkers, employers, and suppliers. The better able you are to deal with customers the more likely you are to win their loyalty and earn repeat business on future occasions.

Organizational Skills

This skill is particularly important for florists who are self-employed. Although all floral designers will need to be organized and keep track of phone messages and order forms, florists who own their own business have to deal with many more administrative and managerial aspects of the profession. For example, you might have to keep track of inventory and orders from suppliers, monitor the payment of your employees, keep the storefront looking clean and professional, or even manage multiple employees at multiple locations. In order to be successful and make the highest possible income it is important that your entire business runs smoothly.


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