What skills do you need to become an actor


Acting is a very difficult job that is wrought with competition and rejection. In order to be a successful actress you should do your best to maximize your creativity as well as your ability to memorize lines. And you should always be persistent about achieving your goals and keep moving forward.


Acting is, first and foremost, a form of art. Just like people who write stories or paint beautiful portraits, actors and actresses need to be creative. If you become an actress, you will be expected to create something powerful and entertaining out of a writer’s script. You may get some direction from the writer as well as notes from the director, but you are responsible for bringing your character to life. You are responsible for reading “between the lines” – interpreting your character’s emotions, motives, and reactions in order to portray the person in a compelling and believable way. You may be able to draw on certain experiences in your own life to help you, such as a divorce, the death of a loved one, or the birth of a child. However, you may also be asked to take on some roles that you can’t directly draw parallels to in your own life. For instance, if you are asked to play a drug addict but have not struggled with the issue in real life, you may have a hard time knowing how your character would act and feel. This will be an especially challenging part of the job for you – tapping into your creativity in a way that allows you to express emotions and behaviors that are completely foreign to you.

Memorization Skills

Whether you work as a screen or stage actor, you will be required to memorize a lot of lines for your performance. This is especially true if you have earned a large part in the production. The more scenes are in the more lines you will have, and the more time you will have to spend studying what to say. This feat is complicated by the fact that you can’t just recite what’s in your head. You have to combine your memory of the script with the ideas you have about how to deliver the lines, the hand gestures or other body movements to employ while you are speaking, and the appropriate facial expressions for the situation. On the other hand, if you have only a small part in the show or play, it may not be difficult for you to memorize your part. Each medium of performance offers its own challenge. If you are filming a TV show or movie, you may have a chance to review your script between scenes, and you can always stop the camera and start over if you forget a line. However, TV actors often have to deal with last minute script changes and sometimes have to go on camera with little preparation. That being said, theater actors don’t have the luxury of breaks between scenes and are under more pressure not to mess up or forget lines during the performance.


Some may view this as a skill that can be acquired, while others might think of persistence as a personality trait that people either possess or not. Either way, you will have to be resolutely committed to your dream of being an actress in order to have any chance of success in the industry. You will probably have to audition for many roles before you are offered even a small part, because no matter how good you are there will be many other actors also going out for the same role. You should learn to deal with rejection well and push forward despite many failed attempts at earning a spot in film or on the stage.



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