The Skinny on Skin

With so much focus on clothes and makeup, it can be easy to forget about your skin, but your skin is even more important. You’re probably thinking more about what you’re doing Saturday night than fighting wrinkles years from now, but if you take proper care of your skin now, you’ll thank yourself later.

First, lotion, lotion, lotion. Lotion everyday and lotion pretty much everywhere. Because your facial skin has to put up with makeup, sweat and sun, it’s worth your while to invest in a lotion specifically designed for your face. Look for unscented option that has SPF in it. Even in the dead of winter the sun’s harmful rays can still penetrate your skin, so wear lotion with SPF all yearlong.

Don’t forget to lotion your legs, arms and even your feet. At least once a week, you should exfoliate your feet with a micro-exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and keep your heels and toes looking healthy and attractive, which can be especially difficult when your five-inch heels rub your heels raw. If you apply lotion to your legs right after shaving in the shower, go for an unscented lotion or one designed for sensitive skin. Otherwise, the lotion may make your legs burn. Although not clinically proven, many women swear that lotion with cocoa butter performs the best, and thankfully, lotion with cocoa butter is not any more expensive than your average lotion.

Finally, there is the issue of tanning when it comes to your skin. For years, tanned skin was the only way to go. Although tan skin may look good now, it will lead to more wrinkles later in life. Or if you opt to visit a tanning salon, not only will you be forking over a pretty penny, but also you, more likely than not, will be left with an orange tinge to your skin rather than the coveted brown. Pale can be beautiful, especially in contrast to luscious red lips, but if you must have some color, go for a bronzer instead. Tanning can lead to skin cancer, which just isn’t worth the risk.

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