Getting involved on campus

My name is Shannon and I am a cyclone at Iowa State University! I am in my junior year, hoping to graduate next May. While I study advertising and communication studies I am very active in my sorority, my church group, and Up ’til Dawn! I work as a florist, love small fuzzy animals, and coffee!

Its that time of year. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. That time of year everyone is either getting a, or already has, a summer internship, job, or just has plans. Its that time of the year, when everyone on campus has given up looking nice, and “sleep” seems like that word in your foreign language course that you just can’t grasp. You’re drowning in class, word, extra curriculars, friends, SOs. Its almost suffocating.
Don’t worry. The end is in sight.
I attend Iowa State, and as a junior, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo. My roommates play the “who’s closer” game to see who gets finished with finals first.
I’m losing.
As of this Wednesday I have approximately 11 weeks left, before I turn my last American Sign Language final in. With that being said, I need to remember to sprint. When someone sprints, they are reaching a goal, generally to beat a personal time, but its nice if you beat the other guys too.
The goal? Well, obviously, to pass that dreaded night class. But to also experience everything that I can at Iowa State. As a college student, we have so many experiences at our fingertips (a lot of which are paid in our lovely tuition), so the excuse to do anything except take advantage of it is kind of silly. Here are a few motivational points to help you sprint.

Clubs and Organizations

As a student you get the opportunity to decide whether you want to throw your life into an organization or not. From Greek Houses which requires long term commitment, to weekly or biweekly clubs, where you can go or not, dependent on schedule.
I love my organizations. As a proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi, I have sisters who are willing to be there and eat ice cream with me if I just tanked a test. Through CBF I have friends who can help me with my homework, no matter if its 2 in the afternoon, or 2 in the morning.

Fitness Classes

My favorite time of the week is to go to State Gym. Built into most tuitions, a membership to the college’s gym open so many opportunities its impossible to name them all. From non-commitment fitness classes, ranging in difficulty, to free weights, machines, and the access a pool and rock climbing wall.
Not only does physical activity produce hormones that help settle stress, anger and anxiety, it also gives you a chance to get away from the homework for a little bit. My personal favorite is the weekly kickboxing class. The feeling of taking my frustration out on a bag full of sand is such a great feeling, let me tell you.

Free Concerts and Lectures

As a student, most colleges hold lectures at night. Not school lectures, but lectures that include people talking about their travels, findings, and experiences. Trust me, these are super interesting. Not only do they educate you on happenings outside of your college campus, there isn’t anything more motivational than seeing something standing in a room of 300 people, speaking with such passion that everyone is on the edge of their seats.
If lectures aren’t quite your thing, concerts are a great alternative. Although, they may not always be free, you can generally get a pretty good discount for being a student. If you aren’t sure when, where or how much concerts are, a simple Google search can set your path straight. What’s more exhilarating than dancing and singing? Nothing.

Don’t worry if you’re drowning in everything, the end is near. The key is to remember to sprint to the end. Achieve that goal you’ve been focusing on, whether it be pass OChem, or to lose 10 pounds by finals, by finding the motivation. Making sure you’re getting out and moving, sprinting to the end in a healthy fashion will make the next couple of month move much faster.

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