The Three Biggest Friendship Rules to Follow in College

The Three Biggest Friendship Rules to Follow in College
You’ll probably meet girlfriends in college you will keep for life. That’s just one of the special parts of sharing the amazing experience of university life. In order to keep those friendships alive and well, there are a few good rules of thumb to follow.
1) Let go of first impressions
Remember when you met your freshman dorm roommate? You got a distinct first impression, didn’t you? Did that impression stick? Did you let it? What we’re getting at here is that first impressions don’t mean much. In fact, everyone may not be 100% themselves when thrust into a brand new, stressful (i.e. starting college) situation. Give your potential girlfriends some slack and reserve your opinion of them for a little while. Get to know them and allow them to get to know you.
2) Don’t be a “frenemy”
Being a friend is the best. Being an enemy is the opposite. Combining the two by being a friend to her face and an enemy behind her back is the worst sin in girl friendship. What’s worse, when it’s discovered, your other friendships will suffer. If you have a disagreement with your GF, do the right thing – talk to her about it like adults. She will appreciate the mature manner in which you’re settling a dispute or misunderstanding and you will win points as a great girlfriend.
3) Follow the “Guy” Golden Rule
This one is simple – if you’ve hooked up, gone out or are currently going out with a guy, he is off limits to your girlfriends and vice versa. Establishing this one early and talking about it often will definitely de-complicate sticky situations. No real GF is out to get you, but if there’s any gray area and he’s a flirt, things could get uncomfortable. Stick to this rule and your friendships will be smooth sailing for the rest of the year.

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