Effective time management for college students

My name is Joshua Calloway. I am a freshman at Sam Houston State University; which is located in Huntsville, Texas. I have always enjoyed writing and seriously considered it as my career choice, but life has a funny way of panning out. I am a nursing major and look forward to the opportunity to travel the world while helping others once I graduate.

Remember when you were younger and all you wanted to do was grow up? Well, here you are. Now what? Being grown up comes with many responsibilities. One of the more important responsibilities, important enough that it becomes a daily skill, is how to manage your time. I know this is repetitive; I remember all the speeches in high school about managing your time wisely and thinking that I was already skilled enough. You were wrong. Time management is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.
Entering college is overwhelming, or at least it was for me, and this can cause numerous problems if you do not have the proper time management skills. The first day you enter, you are immediately bombarded with requests to participate in events and clubs. With all of these new stimulants, it can be difficult to keep your priorities straight and lose focus of your time. It is during the first few weeks of entering college that students begin to make decisions that will impact the rest of their college lives. Decisions such as: joining the student government organization, joining Greek life, or attending that party. It is normal to feel overwhelmed—I sure know that I did; it is important to know that whatever you do, you must manage your time in order to be successful.
You can use several techniques to manage your time wisely enough to be able to acquire knowledge you will use later on and still be able to go out at night. My personal favorite technique is to buy a planner and write out your entire schedule. At the beginning of the year, every professor should give you a syllabus with a tentative schedule on it. You can use this to plan out your entire semester. Write down in your planner important dates, deadlines, projects, and exams. You can then Plan your study schedule, based on your notes, to those days. However since it is a tentative schedule, you must be open to adjusting the dates. Not every class follows the schedule exactly. Consequently, this planning technique allows you to look at the entire week and plan out social events so that they do not get in the way of your studying.
If you are not a fan of writing everything down and having everything written on paper, there are several cell phone apps which can help. One of the benefits of going to college in twenty-first century is that accesses to apps, which can help you study better, is widely available. For example these apps can even turn your phone off during study times so that you are not distracted when studying and can even remind you however many minutes before your class.
Overall, time management is the most important skill you can learn and apply in college. It may also last you during your future endeavors. The paramount way to manage everything is just to write everything down or if you do not like having your schedule on paper, you have many cell phone apps which can drastically help you manage your time wisely. With the proper time management techniques you can both maintain you GPA and still have a social life; it just takes time management.

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