Relationship moving too fast

The good news is you’ve met the greatest guy. He’s funny, sweet and can crush his Anthropology homework. You’re seeing each other every day and it’s awesome. Hold on there, girlfriend! There are a few things to consider while in this amazing “honeymoon” phase, especially at school.
1. Neglecting your friends
No one likes the “maybe” friend. You know, the girl who says she’ll make it to coffee Sunday morning only to blow you off because her boyfriend became available. Don’t forget that men will often come and go, but girlfriends are forever. Value your gal pals as the treasure they are by making time for them too. Scheduling a shopping date or grabbing a quick dinner with them after spinning class is one way to show your friends you care, even though you have a boyfriend.
2. Ignoring better options
Yes, he’s smart. Yes, he’s hot. But is he your absolute and perfect match until the end of time? Pay attention to that nagging feeling you have when he starts talking about moving to the Outback(?) after graduation, or how you don’t want to text him when you’re home from a night out with your girls. He might not be the one for you. What about that shy, quiet guy in Philosophy? The one that won’t talk to you because he knows you have a boyfriend. Agree to join his study group and see what that flutter in your stomach is all about.
3. Falling behind in your courses
College is a magical time, full of change and discovery. Forgetting about the main reason you’re there is at the top of the list of college mishaps. Having a boyfriend can take over your whole life if you’re not careful. Falling behind in your classes is a real possibility if you don’t stay focused. So if your guy encourages you to blow off English Lit for the second time this week, he may not be the best influence on you – not to mention how his own grades may be suffering. Stay focused on your classes and you can’t go wrong.

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