Transition from high school

My name is Toby Ameenah Cooper. I attended the University of North Alabama in Florence. My major was English with a concentration in professional writing. I have a few published works across the internet and I was involved in the yearbook at my university. I am a driven, determined, and motivated person that is excited about my future endeavors. I seek guidance when needed and I am always open for critiques to better myself. I strive for the best and I want nothing more than to be the best I can be. I grew up in a small town, but I have big city dreams and visions.

The transition from high school to college isn’t always an easy one. High school doesn’t always prepare you for what college has to offer. Studying in high school requires you to read a chapter or two of your history book the period before the test. College requires going to the library for hours and diving into that history book reading each chapter at least two times before moving on to the next. Now there are some people in that can retain information the first time, but for most hours of studying and note taking is the best way to pass the test. That’s what I had to learn my first year of college.
Note taking is another still I had the pick up while in college. In high school, taking note was basically doodling hearts and stars on the front of your notebook; college note taking involves following the professor as he/she writes on the board, highlighting key points in the textbook, and asking questions pertaining to the topic covered in class. One thing I had to realize is that there is no need to write down every word the professor says, even the professor may say “Don’t write this down”. Recognize the important points. But the question is how do you recognize the important points?
Realizing what’s important and what isn’t takes time to learn. But professors will try their best to help glide you in the right direction, especially those that are teaching freshman classes. They will tell you “make sure you know this for the test” or “write this down”. You can’t always rely on the professor to give you hints, that when you have to pick up on their method of teaching. Some professors will write key points on the board for the class to write down. Others will say key points more than once to indicate this is something you need to retain for a quiz or test.
Transitioning from high school to college is not an easy one. The course work is nothing like that of high school homework. A phrase I heard a professor use was “high school teachers bottle feed their students”. When they mean by that is high school teachers do everything possible to help their students succeed, even giving open book tests, bonus questions at the end of a test or quiz, or tossing out answers during a test. College professors believe you have to earn the grade you want. Hard work, dedication, and hours of studying at times will get you the grade you want to pass that test and even best: that class. Professors are willing to help you, but you have to help yourself first by attending class, asking questions, and studying the assigned material. Don’t wait to study the day before or even the week of the test. The best way to study is by going over the new material right after each class. By doing this, the material stays fresh on your mind and it assists you will the upcoming topic. If I had studied that way more, I would have graduated with summa cum laude.

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