The Ultimate Guide to Brushes

Brush Type: Paddle Brush
Paddle brushes are great to have around because they work for a number of different styles and hair issues. You can use them to brush away tangles, get a smooth blowout, or add a bit of volume on top. If you have thick hair that is prone to tangling, this is a definite must-have.

Brush Type: Parting Comb
Parting Combs are another great multi purpose tool to keep in your arsenal. They are great for parting your hair, teasing it, or finishing it.

Brush Type: Round Brush
Round brushes are also great for blowouts, particularly if you have thick hair or want to add some big, loose curls. They come in different sizes so the width that you choose should be relative to your hair length. Longer hair is likely to get tangled up in narrower sizes whereas short hair won’t get any curl by using wider barreled brushes.

There are two types of round brushes. There are some that are solid while others are vented. The vented kind are perfect for at-home blow outs. The ceramic brushes with hold heat for long while reducing the amount of damage done to your hair (read: they are much hair friendlier than flat irons!).

Brush Type: Straightening Brush

Straightening Brushes are a great alternative to flat irons as well. They come in a range of bristle types but they all create similar effects. Comb styles may be better for fine hair whereas thicker hair requires a thickers bristle.

Brush Type: Shower Comb

Wide-set teeth make shower combs great for detangling hair while evenly distributing conditioners. This may be unnecessary for short or fine hair but it is idea for long, curly long, or thick strands. If your hair type requires it, keep one in the shower and learn the basics of using it. The most important thing is to remember to always start at the bottom. Wet hair is fragile hair and it’s important to not pry at tangles on the ends of their.

Brush Type: Copper Brush

Copper brushes are great for those with dandruff. If you are dealing with flakes and ttcing, look for a brush that has a copper coating. The copper is a natural fungicide and will help keep the your scalp feeling comfortable.
Beyond just brush types and styles, you will notice that there is a wide array of bristle types. It is important to choose the type of bristles that work best for your hair.

Bristle Type: Boar

Boar bristle are great because they close the hair cycle and help create shiny hair. On their own they are weak though, so you will find that they are generally mixed with nylon bristle. They are a great option for fine hair.

Bristle Type: Plastic

Plastic bristles are great for medium to thick hair. They are much stronger than boar or nylon brushes. They are great as a first step to detangle your hair. They aren’t ideal for styling though so you may want to start with plastic then move onto boar or nylon brushes.

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