The Unwanted Tendencies of the Average Freshman

Nicholas Finio College Writing Entry
Biography: Nicholas is a senior Communication Journalism major and published writer at Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania. Portfolio link:

As freshman delve into the complex world of fascinating people and incredible new environments, unfortunate tendencies arise that hinder their ability to become successful. The most fruitful and exciting experiences lay ahead of these young souls, but in order to fully indulge oneself with the proper impressions, attitudes and habits that breed a largely prosperous lifestyle, it’s important to stay focused on relevant topics. As the years progress, the realization that opportunity is a radiant force that engulfs every corner of campus becomes all too enticing in its infinite glory.
To truly envision a future of excellence and great educational gateway it’s critical that one has an outstanding attendance and participation in every class. Freshman often times accidently or purposefully miss class for varying reasons from being sick to flat-out playing hooky. Although we are humans and make mistakes every day, this one simple rule is overwhelmingly easy to create a habit of. Just think about it, each class that goes unattended is like throwing away $200 because it was more convenient to pound that snooze button instead of getting up in the morning.
Participation in itself is like killing two birds with one stone – contribution encourages depth of learning and you subconsciously create a relationship with your professor in the process. Beginning college students are so avid to leave class that their school bags are fully packed and ready to go minutes before the session has actually ended. Absorb information like a sponge soaking in water. Allow your brain to be a blank canvas of openness and keen understanding. Speak with your professor after class to clarify assignments and email them whenever a question rises.
Another recipe for disaster that spreads like wildfire among newbies is the underlying procrastination that intensifies over the repeated completion of assignments last second. Time is precious in a college setting, utilize the preparation professors allot for the most feasible results. Start assignments earlier than necessary. Write a paper, sleep on it, then revise and edit it. Put soul into the work assigned and personal growth, both mentally and spiritually, will follow. Acknowledging procrastination and personally dealing with it is the epitome of a revolutionarily insightful transformation.
In times of hardship and misperception in specific courses, one may find it appropriate to seek guidance and direction from experienced professionals. As it so happens, guidance counselors and advisors are professionally trained to contribute directly to the needs of students who are struggling. Freshman may feel inferior and egos will be bruised but the first step in the right direction is admitting that we all need help in one way or another. Schedule meetings with advisors to see what possible tutoring is offered on campus. Poor communication is the sole enemy of confusion and misunderstanding in times of necessity. Seeking guidance is not a downfall, it’s an acceptance of yourself and your inevitable mistakes – progression starts with the premise that self-evaluation is key to growth in any area of life.
In the wake of it all, do not hold high expectations of yourself – you will eventually make mistakes and that is perfectly fine. The greatest and most influential people have made terrifyingly huge mistakes but amid great collapse arises unbreakable spirit and motivation. College is tough but worrying about what is best for the future will only bring anxiety. Relax and breathe. Trust in yourself and your abilities. At the end of the day, you are all you’ve got. So appreciate the time spent in college and genuinely seek opportunities through dedicated hard work and courageous acts of self-improvement.

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