The Writing Center

“Why have I not done this before?”

If you are a second semester senior desperate for help on your thesis (or whatever you happen to be writing), and you break down and go to your college’s writing center for the first time ever, that will be your reaction.

I discovered my writing center first semester freshman year. I loved writing, but found I frequently got stuck. So I decided to make good use of campus resources, and I tried it out.

I loved it. You make a goal for the session, you stick to the goal, your mentor walks you through that specific mechanic and how it’s operating in your paper, and you learn. You actually learn. You shore up your weaknesses, you learn how to do the entire writing process better, and if there’s anything you have a flair for, you will quickly find out and learn to use it even more to your advantage. There wasn’t an instance when I didn’t leave the writing center better of than when I came.

What was sad were the people who always said, “I know it’s there, and I know I should go…but I just…don’t.

And then there would come a time when they would. And you would watch their eyes go large as they looked at the magnificent opus into which their paper had transformed. And they would say the phrase at the beginning of this post.

So don’t. Don’t be that guy. Don’t end up saying the phrase at the beginning of this post. Go now. Check the place out. I promise you won’t regret it.

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