They Aren’t Teachers – They’re Professors

A big transition into college is the fact that the people now affecting your grades and what you study are experts in their field. That is not to say that your high school teachers don’t know what they are talking about. This merely means that your professors are most likely actively researching in their respective fields, doing work in labs, traveling around the world to support their research and even writing textbooks.
Some professors are even some of the most respected doctors, researchers, or speakers in their specific fields of study. It sounds intimidating but ultimately, it is meant to make you the best student you could possibly be.
Knowing this ahead of time, you can prepare to get the most out of your education one you begin going to college.
Begin by establishing a great relationship with your professors. This is important for many reasons. Introduce yourself to them and let them know why you are interested in their class. This is a starting point for when you attend their office hours.
Attending their office hours is a great way to get in front of your professor for extra help on subject matter that you don’t understand. Pick your professor’s brain and ask them the in-depth questions that you don’t want to ask in class. They can even fill you in on the research that they are doing outside of class that you could potentially get involved in. Show interest and ask great questions with what they tell you they are working on and ask questions.
Generally, another way to make sure your professor begins to recognize you is sitting in the same general area of class every time and participating when you have something valuable to contribute. They have hundreds of students and it always means a lot to them when someone engages in their discussions.
Professors are slightly different from your high school teachers; they aren’t there to hold your hand through college. Missing an assignment and beginning for an extension or making up excuses for why it is not done in time will not fly in college. Professors were in your shoes at one point or another. Reach out to them as a resource when you need help and learn from them as much as you can.

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