How to enjoy college life

Hello, my name is J.D. Hefferin, I recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I am a fan of all sports, enjoy playing golf and fishing. Currently living in South Florida and enjoying life.

Almost every adult I ever talked to during high school always told me, enjoy college because its flies by. Every time I heard those words I said to myself, “Yeah, yeah can’t wait to start.” High school was a fun time for myself, but I couldn’t wait to leave a small campus and start anew at much larger environment. I followed a group of high school friends to South Florida at Florida Atlantic University, and began a new chapter in my life which would be some of the best four years of my life. And now that I have completed those four years, and look forward to starting graduate school in Central Florida, I look back and say “Yeah, that went by fast and I’m happy I enjoyed every second.” Don’t take your college years for granted, and take every step in stride and enjoy the ride. College is a time of starting new relationships, studying, and learning a new environment.

When I talk to younger kids who are still in high school, I now say the same words, “Enjoy college, because it sure goes by fast.” I can see in their face that they hear me, but tell me I can’t wait to get out of high school. The college life is about freedom; it’s being on your own and taking responsibility for your studies and maybe job(s). Enjoy every class you attend, take notes, and prepare for tests ahead of time and college will be a blast. One tip I took from a professor was to meet fellow classmates in the being, who can be a study partner and potentially help in the future if you become confused on a math problem, etc. The biggest difference between college and high school is the amount of students per class, and I found it important to grab a seat up front so the professor can see you. In college, you are usually just a number to a professor who has 400 students to teach in a given week. I prided myself on grabbing a seat up front so that the professor saw me every day, and introducing myself in the beginning was very helpful and probably helped my grades as well. On your first day of every class, give yourself the opportunity to go up and introduce yourself to the professor. It will help by the end of the semester; you never know when you may need that extra .5% for the ‘A’.

College is a great time and four years, etc., may seem like a long time; but it really flies and it’s important you enjoy every second. You will make life long relationships, as I did, and those relationships usually come in handy during your studies. So remember when you begin your college career to take it in small doses, and take advantage of every opportunity presented. Those opportunities may lead to a lifelong career filled with happiness.

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