Things Every Girl Should Have

Don’t you hate walking out of the house to go to class for the day or on a mini-trip into town and realize, too late, that you forgot something? We’re not talking your wallet or even your hairbrush, but those little things we often forget to pack or even replenish. You end up feeling blah and unprepared, which can be flustering.

Part of the reason we often forget to bring things here and there is the inevitable switching of purses. We all do it. Day to day, we change our bags to match our mood, occasion or need. Then we transfer things and end up leaving our gloss or face wipes. In order to keep from leaving anything behind, simply pack up those little things into a small cosmetic bed and – voila! – you’ll never forget things again.

If you always forget to replenish your items, too, a simply system to remember before you run out is to either keep a running list in your phone on your calendar and set it to alert when you know you’ll be out and about. Or better yet, when an item you usually buy goes on sale, buy two or three – take advantage of the savings and have a steady supply of your goodies on hand.

Now, on to what every girl should have. You may already have thought of these things, currently have them in your bad or never realized you needed them, but they sure make life – and on-the-go beauty – a heck of a lot easier!

• Oil-absorbing wipes – I can’t say enough how much I love these little wipes. By simply pressing a thin sheet onto your skin all over your face, you can eliminate shine in a jiffy without caking on any powder. Somehow, your skin seems to meld better, too.
• Cuticle cream – Think a step above lotion (which you should also have a small bottle of in your purse). Cuticle cream has a more concentrated formula in its creamy texture that helps hydrate the skin around your nails that tends to get dry and scaly.
• Nail file – You’re probably picturing scenes from an old 80s movie where an admin sits on her desk, chewing gum and gossiping while she files her nails. Well, did ya ever notice how nice and even her nails are? :-) Yours can be, too, with a little maintenance here and there. If you accidentally break a nail, crack the tip or otherwise realize they are uneven, proper filing will keep them looking great.
• Lip gloss – With a hint of color and a ton of shine, a tube or pot of lip gloss can help spruce up and brighten your look in a jiffy.
• Sample or trial size of your favorite perfume – Imagine running around all day and then arriving at your last class or meeting smelling, well, like the day. A little spritz on your neck and wrists will not only keep you smelling fresh but also wake you up.

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