Traits of a good girlfriend

by Amanda Reese

We can all agree men are not the same as they were 20 or 30 years ago—even 10 years ago. Even though their goals, clothes and hairstyles have changed drastically, here is what they always look for in their women.

1. She is honest and loyal. Honesty is always the best policy. No matter how bad it may sound you must tell him the truth. It may send him running out the room, but at least you have done your part. Do not leave any chance of skeletons later falling out of your closet. He will resent you later.
2. She takes good care of herself. Even after you have snagged the first day. Men still like to see a woman who takes care of herself. He takes pride in saying, “That’s my woman,” so it would be nice if you looked nice while did so. This does not mean that you have to lose a bunch a weigh and straighten your hair every time you go out. Just make sure to take pride in your appearance. He will appreciate it.
3. She has her own life. Men do not like to feel suffocated. Let me repeat, men do not like to be suffocated! Show that you are self-sufficient and independent. He likes that you bring something to the table and that he can help enhance your already well together put package.
4. She’s funny. Guys like a girl that can make him laugh. Don’t be all so serious and uptight. Show him he can relax when he is around you. If he feels comfortable around you it will easier for him to open up to you and let you into his circle.
5. Is she loud? Men have literally asked this question when their friends have tried to introduce them to a woman. An overly aggressive nature is probably one of the quickest ways to turn a guy off. Guys want to feel like… guys. They do not want to feel like they are competing with you while speaking.
6. She’s so much fun! At the end of the guys just want to have fun, or is that girls? Well, guys want to, too! Be adventurous and keep him guessing. Suggest places he would like to go even when he ask where you want to go on a date. Make sure there is never a dull moment between you two.

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