Things I am Glad I Did Do In College

1. If away from home then Call home. A lot. Between exams, extracurriculars, and lectures, college life can be pretty difficult. But it’s always important to remember those who support us. Whether they’re biologically related or not, call your family and let them know how you’re doing. If you didn’t go away from home for school then you can still call close relatives or siblings that live away to keep in touch. Keeping in contact with your support network may help you have a more positive experience.
2. Do EVERYTHING! Even if you are absolutely positive on what you want to major in and what you want to do with your life, try new things. Help build a set for the theatre department, enroll in a public speaking course, volunteer in the polling center, go to lectures that are open to non-majors, and check out events hosted by cultural groups. In the real world you rarely get a chance to “sample” different things the way you do in college. I tried everything, which not only helped me realize what I wanted to focus on but also what I didn’t want to pursue.
3. Take a finance and income tax class. As a performing arts major, business classes weren’t required of me. But taking a finance class allowed me to manage my money better, and taking an income tax class was beneficial to me because I know qualifies as a deduction.
4. Take a foreign language. A lot of times cultural education is involved in foreign language education, and it opens up the opportunity for you to possibly study abroad with the new language skills you acquired.
5. Take pictures and actually print and hang them. These are the best days of your life and those collages you make of you and your best friends on spring break or just hanging out in the dorm are the ones you’ll treasure once you graduate, are working long hours, and come home to your first apartment or home. Those are the memories you won’t ever get back, so don’t just capture them- hang them up on the walls to cheer you up when you need it.

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