Things I Wish I Had Done in College

1. Saved at least $2 a week in college. I know this isn’t a lot. I fact, that’s about $288 when you graduate. But it’s seed money. If you’re an impecunious student now you don’t want to become an insolvent adult later, and certainly sometimes $2 a week is even a struggle when you’re paying for gas with quarters so you can make it to your internship. Every little bit counts. If you can give more to yourself, such as $5 or even $10 a week, then that will certainly help you out more and perhaps give you a good enough financial foundation to start a career.
2. Learned how to cook, or at least experimented with more recipes than spaghetti and rice with chicken. If you can get your roommates or a friend together once a month to split the ingredients, it is a much more financially easy way to learn to make a meal. Plus, if there’s enough for everyone to take leftovers, you’ve made 2 meals out of a small investment in ingredients. It also ensures you don’t end up with an entire container of curry or mustard powder left over after 1 meal.
3. Focused on 3-5 GRE words a week to learn and use, and continued using them. You never know how life will change you in the future. You may not be considering graduate school now, but who knows what can happen in the future. Some people realize after a year of working that they’re ready to go back to school. Also, you’re at a professional and social advantage many times if you have a strong vocabulary.
4. Been more careful about what I posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. If you want to keep those crazy memories, then keep them in a private file on your computer to look at one day…not on social media!
5. Picked friends because I liked them, not because they were popular. I spent some time in different social circles before I found the people I consider my best friends. But I spent a lot of time with attention-seekers who groused about everything to get pity from anyone who would listen, slackers, snobs, and people who were too involved in gossip. Surround yourself with good people. If you have a funky feeling inside then that’s your gut telling you something is off. Find the people who you can just be yourself with.

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