Things no one tells you about college

Anne Johnston is a journalism student all the way from down under. In her spare time, she enjoys calling college ‘uni’, taking advantage of the legal drinking age being 18 and living 10 hours in the future. She works for a publishing company and writes about that bars and restaurants her and her roommates spends their weekends in.

I have no doubt that since the day you started high school, every parent, older sibling and awkward aunties have unloaded their wisdom on you. You’ve probably heard that it will be difficult, wild and very important. There’s always going to be mistakes you have to make and things you have to discover for yourself, but hopefully this list of some of the things everyone always leaves out of their advice will help make your first year a little less rocky.

The last time you had to make friends you were probably young enough to walk up to someone and decide that they’d be your ‘new best friend forever’. Well things have progressed and it’s a little harder than that. But don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat as you. That kid that has really interesting opinions in class? Ask them for lunch. It’s that simple! I guarantee that they’re just as scared of making friends as you are.

Moving out
For a lot of people, college also means moving out. There are so many things to know about moving out, but the three most important ones are; keep the temptation of fast, unhealthy meals out of your house (that means those noodles too!), always keep carpet cleaner handy and just because your parents aren’t around, doesn’t mean you can party every night.

It doesn’t matter if you hit the books too hard in high school to make it on the popularity ladder, college is a whole new ball game. Put yourself out there and not only go to those parties, but make it your mission to talk to as many new people as you can. It’s one of the best way to make those fun friends you’ll go on crazy misadventures with.

College is a place where you have a whole world of learning right in front of you. At what other time can you learn Egyptian hieroglyphics? Take a class that has nothing to do with your major, something you’ve always been curious about, or something you even know nothing about. After college, you’ll spend a lot of time focusing on your one field of work, so why not mix it up while you can?


It can be easy to forget but the whole point of college is to ultimately land you that dream job. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or you’re still taking engineering with literature, internships help everyone. You not only get to see what it’s actually like in the field – and if you want to do that in the future – but it looks fantastic on resume and will impress any future employer. I mean, in the end, isn’t that pretty much what college is for?

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